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My parents won't let me leave town during summer vacation. This isn't a problem with my parents, normally, since last year I got to go to Malaysia, but for some reason I'm on lockdown now. It's not horrible news, since I wasn't actually planning on going anywhere, but it still feels crappy to not actually have the chance to go anywhere.

Meh. I'll go back to playing that RPG that I have no hope of winning.

Eva playing Wonderland the online RPG

Eva's character(Quistis)
Eva's sidekick(Roca/Yuffie)
Cursed Chick(Xaolan/Celes)
Stupid Fucking Teenager(Niss/Kari)

Eva: *sigh* Okay, let's start. *enters Wonderland) Okay, its a field full of squirrels. This shouldn't be hard. *orders Quistis to attack a RED SQUIRREL*

Quistis: *wind attack*
Yuffie: *throwing star of death*
Red Squirrel: *kills Yuffie*
Eva: What. The. Fuck. What kind of game programmer makes a SQUIRREL level 28?
Quistis: *wind attack*
Eva: Attack all you want, bitch, you're still gonna die.
Red Squirrel: *kills Quistis*
Eva: *sigh*

Eva: Okay, a random villager. *has Quistis talk to RV*
RV: There's a killer somethingthatidontgiveafuckabout on the beach!
Eva: Well, asshole, I just got my ass handed to me by a fuckin squirrel, so of course I'm gonna take care of this.

Quistis: *wind attack*
Killer Thing: *kills*
Eva: Goddamnit.

Eva: Okay, a honey merchant. What the fuck is a honey merchant?
HM: We're being attacked by cave bears!
Eva: That's not my problem, but I guess I can just save your ass. Even though I'll probably die.

Quistis: *wind attack*
Kari: *thunder storm attack*
Bear: *kills Kari*
Eva: Fucking knew it.
Quistis: *flee*
Bear: *kills*
Eva: *sigh*

The moral of this story? Wonderland is completely one-sided in terms of battles.


Herro, as oppose to HELLO

I have developed a new way of dealing with people whom I don't like. I can start crying and/or threaten to kill myself, thus making them feel bad, which leads to them doing stuff for me. It works like, 79% of the time. For cereal.

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